Building Fund

Why do we have a Building Fund?

In 2001, our community began a feasibility study to ascertain the possibility of adding new construction for the purpose of furthering our mission.  Where there was a need, there was a staff member, a volunteer, an assistant, a parishioner, or a visitor making a suggestion for more space, more storage room, better lighting, additional rooms, updated facilities, and so on.

In 2002, a capital campaign began to start a building project. This project would include a new gathering space, a bell tower, a chapel, gymnasium, new library, technology room, science lab, extra classrooms, meeting rooms, and a new office. 

The groundbreaking for this project took place in June of 2003. Estimated cost of the total project $4,000,000.

Mortgage as of July 2006 $2,823,918

May 2008 Refinance of Mortgage (5 year fixed/30 year ammortization) $2,430,000

August 2013 Refinance of Mortgage (20 year fixed) $2,168,000

November 2018 Principal Reduction made due to Bequest of Bernard Tomaszewski $1,064,716

November 2020 Principal Reduction made and Refinanced (10 year fixed) $813,479

Mortgage as of January 2024 $592,071

Details of the Renovation to St. Charles Borromeo

The Healing Chapel

This intimate space is surrounded by the soothing, healing colors represented in the stained glass windows.  

Stained Glass Windows

Liturgical Environments Co of Hayward, Wisconsin, designed and installed these beautiful windows of stained glass for our healing chapel using amber, the color of healing; red, the color of the Holy Spirit present in fire; and blue the Holy Spirit represented in wind and water.  The healing power of the blood of Christ is depicted as flowing from his side.  The rope that Charles wore is a symbol of humility is portrayed in the prism glass in the center of the glass design.

Donated by Bernie Tomaszewski in honor of his wife Mary Ann.


Entitled L'Ultimo Sospiro ("The Last Sigh") by its creator, parishioner Anthony P Albanese, the life-size sculpted image of the crucified Christ is made of 300 pieces of sheet metal that were hand-formed and welded in 1967.  Anthony used himself as a model and then completed the sculpture, valued at $25,000, by brazing it in bronze.  It was displayed at Marquette University in 1967.  The sculpture illustrates the scripture quotation from the painted mural behind it, "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  This quote is closely tied to rites used for funerals and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  


As one gazes on the face of the crucified Christ, one is immersed in the luxurious colors that envelop those who come to pray for healing.  Behind the Corpus is a mural by Virginia Hilton of Hilton Designs who continues the color pattern of the stained glass windows by incorporating them in her work.  With recommendations by our pastor, our liturgical consultant, and Liturgy Committee members, the use of the scripture taken from Mathew 11:28-30 was chosen and is artistically interwoven into the design.

Vigil Candle Gate

The 7X7 custom-made, bronzed gate is an original creation by Gianfranco Tassara of Inspired Artisans.  The nails holding the candles represent the nails Charles Borromeo held in his hands as he meditated on the sufferings of Christ.  The bronze latticework is reminiscent of the rope Charles Borromeo used as a symbol of humility, and is meant to divide and yet unify the healing chapel and gathering space with its arched shape and materials used.  The gate will swing open to create a larger prayer space in the chapel when needed.  


The furniture in the Healing Chapel was custom made by Schotler Co.  The chairs, kneelers, and pedestal table are all made of oak. The table includes white tile inlay to match the existing candle stands in church made by Potente Inc and will be versatile to support the vision of the use of the chapel.  Completing the furnishings are the stand for the "Book of Petition" and a candle stand, both purchased thru T.H. Stemper Co.

Gathering Space

The gathering space will be used for the gathering the faithful both in fellowship and in prayer.  This area employs audio-visual equipment to project the Mass onto a screen for congregations too large to fit in the nave of church.  It is a place for visitation before funeral services and for small receptions after special Masses.

Indoor Statuary

One can't help but be awed by the detailed work of the St. Charles Borromeo replica statue hand carved by Alberto Crazzolara of LaVilla, Italy, a family member of the parishioner-donor.  This titular image of Charles Borromeo was modeled after the 3-meter copper statue in Arona, Italy, and crafted of Swiss Stone Pine which grows only at altitudes of 5000 ft.  This one-of-a-kind piece of art work was made exclusively for the people of St. Charles Borromeo Church.

Donor Honorarium Tree

This beautiful tree symbolizes on its bountiful branches, sturdy trunk, and strong roots, the many generations of a life giving community.  It has been crafted using the Intarsia method.  Intarsia is the ancient art of making pictorial mosaics by laying precious and exotic material onto a solid wood.  Derived from the Middle Eastern inlays of ivory upon wood, Intarsia was developed during the thirteenth century Renaissance period in Siena, Italy.  This technique was widely practiced in Italy from the 14th to the 16th centuries.  Intarsia was also practiced in the eighteenth century in Japan, Imperial Rome, Egypt and Persia to a limited extent.  The craftsman has carefully created this tree of oak, birch, pine, aspen, butternut, yellow heart, purple heart, burmese padauch, walnut, and cherry woods, which embodies the essence of community blessed with wisdom, creativity, and people of deep faith with commitment to a reverence for life.  The generosity of these people is gratefully acknowledged in the Donor Book, and recognized as a living tribute to St. Charles Borromeo Parish an its future generations.  The statement, "To the glory and honor of God, and in thanksgiving these gifts are given: further expresses our gratitude to God and is included on the cover of the Donor Book. 

Outdoor Additions

Carport and Bell Tower

The new Bell tower is the crowning glory of our church building.  The realistic bells hand prominently in the tower that points heavenward to the glory of God.  Made by the Verdin Company the bells resonate programmed carillon music that call us to worship, peals our joy, and tolls our sorrow.  Below the tower is the carport that was constructed for the convenience of physically challenged, especially in inclement weather.

Outdoor Statuary

St. Charles Borromeo is depicted here as truly a man of strong faith and humble heart.  With his left hand over his heart and right hand bracing with crucifix, Charles stands in bold testament to the power of the cross. 

Living a century of Christian reform, Charles was at the forefront of change, while at the same time keeping vigil with those dying by the curse of the black plague.  Wearing the rope of humility around his neck, Charles reminds us of his refusal to accept a wealthy lifestyle in favor of the ministry of preisthood, ultimately becoming a bishop.

A leader in Catholic Catechesis, Charles promoted Catholic education in seminaries, and became the founder of CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine).  We owe a great deal of our Catholic education to him, and to Pope Pius X, who decreed the canonical establishment of the CCD in every diocese and parish of the Catholic church in 1905, which was incorporated in the new canon law in 1917. Charles himself died of the plague in 1584, working until his final breath to further God's kingdom. 

Peace Garden

A peace garden is a quiet place to reflect, pray, meditate, read, and find serenity.  It is a place to enter into conversation with God, who by nature is a God of peace.  A peace garden offers a sanctuary from stressful situations, a place where you can just "be" and receive inspiration.  It creates a sense of stillness and calm where the mind can be opened and the imagination freed, allowing for a new way to seeing things.  The essence of the peace garden is to lead people to peaceful and harmonious lifestyle: consideration and respect for each individual.  Come, visit our new peace Garden and reflect on the words of John Paul II, "to reach peace, teach peace."

Parish School

The new flagpole will be a visible marker as it becomes the gathering center for children and adults who seek a welcome point of entrance to the Parish School and Activity Center.  The huge expanse of glass doors, bright entryway, and parish motto, "Dedicated to: Faith, Family, Future," tell all we are pleased you have to come to visit us.  

Parish Activity Center

As you enter the new parish school addition, the long-awaited parish Activity Center welcomes visitors.  The  gymnasium is fitted with customized wood flooring including blue and gold detailing, motorized bleachers that seat 280 people, tow scoreboards, glass basketball backboards, retractable practice hoops, two volleyball courts, and a long jump line.  The parish Activity Center contains a gym office and storage room.  There is a recessed area for future stage performance use.  

Music/ Multi-Purpose Room

The Music/Multi-Purpose space allows for great flexibility and creativity in rehearsals and performances of fine arts.  The room contains stackable chairs to accommodate the many uses of this space.  Parish musical equipment will be used and stored here.  It is a great place to house the school's music education classes, small group performances, and the vocal and bell choirs.

With the addition of 3K this room is now home to 3K.

4K/After School Program Room

The 4-year old Kindergarten/ After School Care room is a large educational space for our littlest parishioners including the school children and Cherubs.  This room contains one wall of the original school brick.  It is fitted with Carpet and VCT flooring.  There is custom cabinetry and plumbing, an exterior entry door as well as two interior doors, and custom-built coat hooks and storage for the children's belongings.  

School Office

Students and parents alike will be welcomed in the new school office located on the 2nd floor.  The school office contains a two-person workstation, teacher workroom, nurse's room, restroom, closet and principal's office.  The two person workstation is custom built.  The office includes a welcoming area and ample file storage space.

The teacher workroom is fitted with wall-to-wall cabinetry providing generous storage and custom made mailboxes.  This space will be used for day-to-day copying, filing and teacher preparation.  

The nurse's room will provide a rest area for ill children.

The principal's office contains a small conference area on one end, and a wall of windows overlooking the playground and main entrance on the other.

Computer Lab

This state of the art computer lab will hold 26 PC's.  The lab is wireless networked with Internet access.  A server mechanical room is located with in the lab.  The lab itself contains 13 computer tables and chairs, overhead projection screen, scanner, black and white and color printers, and a digital camera.  

Library/ Meeting Room

The library is a focal meeting point for all parishioners. It adjoins the computer lab via a glass door and has a conference area with modular tables for various uses.  The library has a classic feel with wood-crafted bookshelves including freestanding bookshelves, periodical rack, and custom designed area under the window shelving.  The library also contains round conference tables for small group activities and has a private office located near the transaction counter.  The librarian's transaction counter will seat two people with a computer workstation.  There is a student computer media station located near the computer lab entrance.  

Science Lab

The lab is renovated classroom in the original school featuring wall-to-wall custom cabinetry, beautifully polished terazzo flooring, teacher demonstration table with gas and plumbing and student lab tables and chairs.  This is a welcome addition to the junior high experience.  

Wall of Faith Project

The wall of Faith Project served as a community-building experience and fundraiser to commemorate the old and new tradition of St. Charles Borromeo Parish.  The wall is based on the following scripture passages: Mark 10:14, "Let the Children Come to Me"; Matthew 5:14, "You are The Light Of The World:; Micah 6:8, "Walk Humbly With Your God"; Daniel 12:3, "Those Who Teach Justice Shall Be Like The Stars Forever."

Our parish children chose one of these scripture passages to create tiles that reflect their understanding and faith. Parishioners and family members also served as artists creating illustrations of the virtues that the scripture passages portray.  The wall can hold up to 954 tiles representing parishioners; family members, staff, and commissions, as well as all the activities that St. Charles Borromeo Parish is proud to represent.  This project leaves a visible reminder of our people and their deep commitment to our faith and this community.  Proceeds of this project helped furnish our new library. 

5K Room

The 5-Year-Old kindergarten room is now located in the former school library.  This room was chosen for 5-year-olds because of the abundance of space.  The room was renovated by applying fresh paint, installing carpeting and VCT Flooring, and custom cabinetry with plumbing.  

CYF Office- Catholic Youth Formation

Beginning with the 2004 catechetical year, catechists, parents, and students will be welcomed to our new office site, formerly the principal's office.  A fresh coat of paint, storage cabinets, and shelving for resource materials makes this a central spot for CYF programs and activities.

Parish Office Additions & Renovations

Built in 1969, what was the parish rectory was designed to house three priests and a housekeeper.  With the declining number of clergy and the increasing number of lay professional staff, the present layout of the rectory became obsolete.  In order to convert the rectory into our parish offices, a number of changes were made.  Clergy suites were converted into parish offices.  Bathrooms were updated according to ADA requirements.  A fire exit and more storage space was added.  A new parking lot was created to make the new parish offices more accessible.  A fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, windows, lighting and HVAC system completed the renovation project.  

The first floor of the parish offices includes the pastor's renovated office and conference room, the secretary's new office and reception area, the new office of administrative services, a renovated work room, a renovated pastoral care office a new conference room/ office for deacons, a new bathroom, and existing dining room, kitchen and priest's quarters.

The second floor houses the renovated office of Liturgy and Music, the office of Catholic Youth Formation, the Confirmation coordinator's office, a new faith sharing/conference room, a new bathroom, a renovated bathroom, a new building and grounds office, and storage areas.

The finished product has served to create a work environment that is more efficient and parishioner-firendly.