School Staff

Mrs. Courtney Albright Principal   [email protected]
Mrs. Gina Cifaldi  Dean of Operations  [email protected]
Annette Lesniewski   Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
Mrs. Beth Fendryk-Spaziano Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Angela Traut     8th Grade Homeroom     [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Grinning     7th Grade Homeroom & 7th Grade ELA     [email protected]
Mr. Reid Buranosky   6th Grade Homeroom & 6th Grade Science and Social Studies  [email protected] 
Mrs. Dawn Wester     5th Grade Homeroom     [email protected]
Ms. Hannah Trafton 4th Grade Homeroom     [email protected]
Mrs. Haley Breidel  3rd Grade Homeroom  [email protected]
Mrs. Micheline Szocs     2nd Grade Homeroom     [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Harwig    2nd Grade Homeroom     [email protected]
Ms. Tammy Stika     1st Grade Homeroom    [email protected]
Ms. Sandy Liban    5 Year Old Kindergarten    [email protected]
Ms. Marinella Buendia     4 Year Old Kindergarten    [email protected]
Mrs. Patricia Larson     Educational Assistant     [email protected]
Mrs. Lynn Starr     Educational Assistant    l[email protected]
Mrs. Janet Clapper     3 Year Old Kindergarten     [email protected]
Ms. Brandee Weigert   Guidance Counselor  [email protected]
Mrs. Michele Zampino     Music Specialist     [email protected]
Ms. Maggie Herbst     Art Specialist     [email protected]
Mr. Jesse Duwe     Phy Ed Specialist     [email protected]
Mrs. Belinda Spor     Hot Lunch Service     [email protected]
Ms. Mary Pittmann     After School Care    [email protected]
Mrs. Beth Crowley     After School Care     [email protected]

School Address: 3100 W Parnell Ave, Milwaukee WI 53221
School Office Phone: 414-282-0767     School Office Fax: 414-817-9605
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:00AM - 3:15PM